• Do you want to PREVENT challenging behaviour in fun ways?

  • Do you want simple and fun ways to stay CONNECTED with your child?

  • Do you want to be able to respond EFFECTIVELY to challenging situations with play?

  • Do you want to inspire your child/ren to WANT to cooperate more?

  • Do you want effective and compassionate REPLACEMENTS for punishments and threats?

Your child won't cooperate and you get frustrated?

Your child doesn't seem to listen and you get fed up?

Your child wants to be rambunctious before bed and you feel angry?

You want to help you child to get over her fear?

Your child keeps on saying "stupid" or "bum bum" and just want him to stop?

Your child has started hitting and you want to stop her without punishment or shame?

Your child won't eat much food and you are worried?

Your child won't let you brush his teeth and you don't want to force her?

You just want to get out of the door without him taking 3 hours to put his shoes on?

You basically want to be EFFECTIVE AND COMPASSIONATE?

My name is Marion Rose, and I've spent the last 30 years learning about babies and children.

When I became a mother 15 years ago, I was comfortable with listening to my children's tears, from my training as a psychotherapist, but I was very serious.


It took me a long time to understand how to use attachment play with my children.

Working as an Aware Parenting Instructor, I saw parents looking for compassionate and effective solutions to their parenting challenges.


It's easy to revert to old-fashioned paradigms when we get stressed and overwhelmed.

Disconnecting when our child needs MORE connection.


Getting harsh when our child needs MORE love.

Getting threaten-y when our child needs MORE choice.


Using power-over when our child is already feeling POWERLESS.

What I love about attachment play is that it actually WORKS.


When we practice attachment play, we feel more connected with our children and they with us.

They naturally want to cooperate more.


They heal from the things that were causing challenging behaviour in the first place.

They share their feelings with us more.


I love sharing all that I've learnt about the power of play, both as a parent and as an Aware Parenting Instructor, in an accessible format that brings tangible effects.

And most of all, I LOVE hearing what a difference it makes to families. (I cried when I received this email from Alex!)

"I will never forget the day I was walking to lunch with a colleague, who I knew had children. I asked my colleague (now dear friend) if she had any wisdom on how to handle tantrums.

Instinctively, punishment/walking away did not feel right for us but I was looking for an answer that resonated. Her answer, which led me to Marion and Aware Parenting, has been transformative in both my life and my son’s.

Marion’s Attachment Play course gave me the perfect amount of theory and lots of practical games to play in different situations and is an excellent first course to try, in my opinion.

Marion’s demo videos gave me confidence that I had the intention of the game right and was playing them “properly”.

The games can be slotted into our busy lives during day-to-day activities (like bath and bedtime, car rides, meals, play time, walking in the door from work etc) and adapted to suit your child.

They may be the difference between sitting on the edge of the bath/bed/[insert relevant moment] with your mind a thousand miles away and reigniting the most vital connection in your child’s life.

I hope that you will have as much fun as we have creating your own versions!  My best tip – even at 2yo, Myles would sometimes look at me like “Mummy, for real?” with some of the games, whilst others had him belly-laughing in no time. You can pick and choose what works for your family!!

On days where present time was an impossibility, I always found an attachment game that we could do even when I was on my knees with exhaustion.

On many, many occasions, Marion’s attachment play games have brought Myles and I back to connection (and sanity).

When I hear my son laughing from deep in his soul, knowing I have found a way to support him in facing his fears and assist him in dealing with some of the hardest parts of being a kid today, I want to high-5 the universe.

The knowledge that these games work and the results for my son give me the confidence to grow as a mum and stay compassionately committed in the face of resistance to our chosen approach.

After playing Marion’s games frequently, imagine my absolute joy when my son said to me “Mummy, I like myself” – the best statement a mum could ever hear. Better yet, almost every night before sleep he wants to talk about his day and his feelings (usually after some solid attachment play).

Something else occurred to me writing the above. I watch my Nana (almost 90yo) who even now with almost no resources other than her voice and body can keep children entertained for hours and always marvelled at her and thought I could never do that.

It feels to me like we are swamped with media messages that unless we continually buy new and exciting toys and provide TV/youtube etc, our kids will suffer, be bored and disengaged.

Marion’s course made me realise my own power to create, entertain and connect with my child.

Thank you Marion, for your life’s work in empowering mums and kids!!!!"


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Attachment Play is one of the core elements of Aware Parenting


Here's the book which this course is based on: Attachment Play, by Aletha Solter (there's a picture of me and my son on the cover!)

Dr. Solter is a developmental psychologist who founded The Aware Parenting Institute. (www.awareparenting.com)

Here's what Dr. Solter says on the back of her book


You'll see that attachment play is an amazing process that creates a deep sense of connection between parents and children.

It also gives parents the tools to help their children be freed from common challenges such as aggressive behaviour (without ever needing to resort to punishments or rewards)!

Attachment play helps create cooperation and contribution, and most of all, it brings the fun back into parenting!

To understand the theory behind attachment play?

To let go of old beliefs that play 'rewards' challenging behaviour?

Help to find playfulness in you when things are challenging?

To know which types of play to use where?

To know when to use attachment play and when to use loving limits?

To naturally feel more joyful and playful in the first place?

To stop using punishments and rewards?

To move past your resistance to play and laughter?

Lots of real examples of attachment play?

Reassurance that your children will listen to you MORE if you acted more silly?

To know how to help your child heal from fears and phobias with play?

To actually see what attachment play looks like?

To understand loving limits?

community of parents to support you with attachment play?

To know that you are not alone?

Help and inspiration with your beliefs:

Releasing beliefs like 'challenging behaviours require harshness and disconnection';

Letting go of beliefs like 'laughter rewards challenging behaviour';

Moving past core beliefs like 'play is dangerous', or 'parenting is no fun';

Releasing other cultural and individual core beliefs that get in the way of connection and fun.


Inspiration and support with:

Feeling more joyful, so that play comes effortlessly;

Releasing guilt (being guilt-free creates joy and laughter);

Doing what you love (it makes attachment play effortless);

Listening to yourself and letting your inner knowing guide attachment play.


Providing you with theory and understanding about:

How attachment play works;

Which types of play to use where;

Using different play for different scenarios;

When to use attachment play, when to use loving limits and when to listening to feelings;

How to find the "sweet spot" so that your play is really effective.

  • Video slideshows with attachment play theory, self-reflections and games

  • Audio versions too, for if you prefer learning that way!

  • FB Lives to ask questions and share experiences (during live rounds)

  • Encouragement, support, and sharing attachment play ideas in the Facebook group

  • Videos of attachment play in action!

  • Lists of attachment play games for quick reminders

  • Audios of attachment play consultations with other parents

Week 1



What causes lack of cooperation?

Why do children do things they know we don't enjoy?

Why do children show challenging behaviours?

How we can elicit cooperation and reduce challenging behaviours without punishments or rewards.

How to create deep connection.


What our beliefs are about why they do what they do, and how this affects our feelings and reactions.

Types of play:

Non directive child-centred play (present time), contingency games, and cooperative games and activities.

Addressing issues like:

Leaving the house, time-dependent activities, a sense of disconnection, tooth brushing, and many more!

Week 2



How our feelings and needs affect our capacity for attachment play. How to increase our ability to play.


Listening to ourselves.

Types of play:

Power reversal games and separation games.

Addressing issues like:

Frustration and aggression, sibling rivalry, shyness and reluctance to join new things, starting pre-school and school, and rewinding and reconnecting after we've done things we regret.

Also includes: Setting loving limits.

Week 3



How our childhood experiences and our feelings affect our playing as a parent.

How our willingness to experience joy comes into attachment play.


Exploring core beliefs and experiences about joy and happiness.

Types of play:

Nonsense Play and regression games.

Addressing issues like:

Bedtimes, swearing and rude words, thumb-sucking and breast-feeding control patterns.

Week 4



Resistance, and making practices permanent.


Our relationship to resistance.

Types of play:

Rough and tumble play and symbolic play.

Addressing issues like:

Fears and phobias, healing from trauma, issues around food, issues around weeing and pooing.

  • Facebook Lives during live rounds (replays available anytime)

  • 4 weekly video "lessons" (also available as audios)

  • 4 weekly Laughter Lists

  • 4 weekly videos of attachment play in action

  • 4 weekly action steps to take

  • Belief-shifting exercises

  • Private Facebook group

  • Audio interviews helping parents with games

  • FB Lives (during live rounds)

    Ask questions, engage more deeply in the material, share with other parents, feel connected with your community.

  • 4 weekly video "lessons"

    We go through the material in slide videos, that you can also hear as audios, so that you can digest the information in your preferred learning style.

  • 4 weekly playbooks

    Have all the material in written form, so that you can add your own notes, and refer back to things. These are available both in Evernote and as pdfs.

  • 4 weekly attachment play in action videos

    Seeing attachment play actually being practiced helps anchor it in your memory and body.

  • 4 weekly action steps

    This course is about you actually putting things into practice, so you will receive action step suggestions each week to help encourage you!

  • Attachment Play games list

    Have a list of games to use so that you can refer to them easily and quickly, when you need inspiration or ideas!

OR 4, weekly, payments of AUD$40.

I want to join in!

Next live round starts on the 21st of November!

I'm a mother of two (my children are 15 and 11), and attachment play was something I needed to learn. Listening to painful feelings was easy for me, but I needed to reconnect with having fun and be ridiculous and goofy with my children. So I know what it's like to reclaim those!

I've been an Aware Parenting Instructor for 12 years, and I help many parents use attachment play.

I run sessions and workshops on attachment play. Being goofy whilst demonstrating the games in front of other parents has in itself helped me heal from fears of being judged for being silly!

I've been involved in developmental psychology for 25 years.

I have a Ph.D. on the mother-infant relationship from Cambridge University.

I spent most of my twenties in individual therapy as part of my Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy training. I qualified in 1996 and worked for several years as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist in private practice.

I also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Exeter, looking at babies' cognitive abilities, and I taught The Therapeutic Relationship to MA students at Exeter University's Centre for Complementary Health Studies.

I was one of the first people to become an Aware Parenting Instructor in Australia, and at present am the only Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor in Australia.

One of my deepest values is to help parents equip themselves, with the skills, understanding, awareness and emotional depth to give their children what they need to flourish.

I believe that as parents, we can help our children be deeply connected, compassionate, cooperative and self-connected human beings without ever needing to resort to disconnection, harshness, punishments or rewards.

I am passionate about finding deep compassion for all parents and all children.

I know that we all want to be the most loving parents we can be, and at times we all get overwhelmed, frustrated, and powerless.

There is no judgement, guilt-induction or shaming in any of my work; I'm all about us as parents finding deep self-empathy so that we can truly listen to our children.

Will you join me?

I wanted to share a huge success and lots of gratitude for this [Attachment Play] Course, and the opportunity to do things differently for my little boy....

I have a 4 year old son, and we have had lots of food issues from toddlerhood on.... after doing this course I decided to bring in some play around food ...

I have tried so many things to get ahold of this food-related sweet spot, and would never guessed a silly dance in the kitchen and a failed experiment would be the answer. Thank you Marion for your guidance and making this course; it is truly a life changing experience.

- Sarah

I have just completed the attachment play course and it has changed my family's lives and it continues to daily as we grow with these new muscles we are all exercising.

Marion, I want to acknowledge how incredible the resources are here and throughout the entire course. You are amazing! wowzers. It is so evident, your level of awareness and experience working with children and also with adults awakening and listening to their own inner child.

I had read through most of the e-book; rushed ahead wanting to try everything straight away. But then listening to the audios and going through all the materials visually as well, and of course PRACTICING it has taken my own understanding and awareness to another place.

There is a lot of healing going on in our home, but also us adults are really bumping up against those old held belief patterns that are almost reinforced daily by society and our communities.

To speak with others here in the FB group with the same language and resonance is like waking up from a bad dream and coming home to what our true reality is. Happy and co-creative playful beings.!!

Beyond refreshing and I feel a deep deep heart warming gratitude to be here. Blessings!!!

This course has been absolutely incredible and life altering! xxxx

- Kahmen

I am so grateful that I have completed Marion's Attachment Play Course, it has changed my life.

Before I was struggling to find ways to help my son release his difficult feelings and often felt like I was in conflict with him.

Now we are playing and smiling and finding easy connection. Before, he would suck his thumb with a blank stare and not make eye contact. I would feel lost and often exasperated. Now when he sucks his thumb, it is an invitation to play, and his smile and laughter make both of our eyes shine.

Marion's Attachment Play Course has helped me be the mum I wanted to be and given me insight and tools for the potential challenges ahead.

If you want to hear your child laughing, smiling and shining with joy, if you want to move beyond punishments and rewards in your parenting, I highly recommend Marion's Attachment Play Course.

- Georgie

I already feel a great improvement in my relationship to my elder son since I started this (Attachment Play) Course .... love love love this course Marion!!!

How did you manage to teach practice and not and not only theory??? ....... Whilst I did this course, I felt the most playful, silly and happy in my adult life, and probably more than in most of my childhood.

And this course has had a lasting effect so far; we still play much more than before, we are having more fun, more connection, and getting slowly more creative at it! I crave for playtime when we have troubles. Love, Kata

- Katalin

We have been playing a lot, especially with my 5 year old. She has a very strong will and is not the complying type at all.

And in the last weeks (since doing the Attachment Play Course), she has been so cooperative. It is such a joy!

I can really feel that her cup is filled and that she is full of love and care and is bringing that in our relationship by meeting family needs when necessary!

- Marieke

Marion, I want to express my gratitude and love for your (Attachment Play) Course, support and practical suggestions and all the other extraordinary mums sharing their experiences. I have had so many profound moments of change.

- Alex

I am really loving all that I am learning in this (Attachment Play) Course!

- AnnMarie

I not long ago finished your attachment play course and got a lot out of it. It really has made big difference in our lives for which I am very grateful.

- Renae

I just wanted to say how happy I am that Marion has made this (Attachment Play) Course!

Just the act of signing up has made me more playful today and voila ... happier, more compliant kiddies, happier mamma, happier home!

Plus I feel more in love with my kids and my life (or I remember how much in love with them I am). Play and connection and laughter are beautiful magical things.

This has been an amazing transformation for me and my family and I'd happily do anything to encourage other families to embrace your work 🙂

- Debbie

Love the material (in the attachment play course) and how it is presented so far and I have no doubt it will just get better.

- Titti

Wanted to say thank you Marion for this amazing (Attachment Play) Course.

Watched today the first video from week 2 and have to say all the information is so powerful it has had an instant effect on my life.

And what is the best part is that I think it can be used for adult relationships too! Connection! That word is changing my life. Thank you again. Blessings to your work.

- Zuzana

We tried all games from the course by now and we love it!

It helps me to connect with my children, release stress and we all feel much better when we use it.

- Tatjana

I feel bucket loads of inspiration, admiration and gratitude for Marion and the beautiful tribe of women she has gathered.... and the way she is with her children and the way she is bringing that possibility to us... thank you Marion xx

- Jennifer

Thank you Marion, this course has been so good for us. There is much more to practice but it is already so good.

- Iris
  • q-iconWhen does it start?

    You can start it whenever you want!

  • q-iconHow long does it go for?

    4 weeks, but you can do it in as long or short a time as you want, as you have “life-time” access!

  • q-iconWill you run it again live?

    Yes, in 2018!

  • q-iconWill I get practical examples of how to use attachment play?

    Yes! There will be examples in the slides, the notes, and the videos, so you can really see what this looks like!

  • q-iconWill I need to buy Aletha Solter's book Attachment Play?

    No, you don’t need to buy it for this course. But I would recommend reading it at some time!

  • q-iconDo I have to do it within the four weeks?

    No! You can take your own time with this. You have access to the course for as long as it exists – it’s called “life-time access” – that means the life time of the course, rather than your life time!! (-;

  • q-iconWill the FB lives be available as replays?

    Yes! you can watch them at any time. And if the times don’t suit you, you can post your questions in the FB group and I will answer them in the FB live!

  • q-iconI resist playing with my children. Will this course help with that?

    Yes! One of the central pieces of the course is looking at why you don’t play, and what is getting in the way, and helping you shift that. We’ll also be looking at resistance!

  • q-iconDo I get individual support from you?

    I offer support on the Facebook group (I aim to reply to every post!) but one on one sessions are not part of the course. There are some group support Skype calls available for an extra fee.

  • q-iconHow much is it?

    It’s $150.

  • q-iconI already know about Aware Parenting and attachment play. Is this suitable for me?

    Yes! You will get some new ideas, plus the chance to look at why you avoid play, and how to make attachment play a permanent practice.

  • q-iconI haven't heard of Aware Parenting or attachment play. Is this course for me?

    Yes! I’ll give you enough theory so that it all makes sense!

  • q-iconWhat aged children does this work for?

    It’s MOST SUITABLE for children aged 2-8, but you can certainly use the principles and many of the games with babies, toddlers, and teens!

  • q-iconCan I sign up now but not start for a while - I've got lots on at the moment.

    Absolutely! You can start when the time is right for you. You have life-time access!

  • It's for you if you want to feel more connected with your child/ren

  • It's for you if you are new to attachment play and Aware Parenting

  • It's for you if you are already practising Aware Parenting and attachment play and want new ideas, inspiration, support, and encouragement

  • It's for you if you enjoy learning new things and are willing to make changes

  • It's for you if you're willing to explore your own beliefs and feelings about playing

  • It's for you if you're willing to be part of a supportive, compassionate, celebratory community

  • It's for you if you want to avoid resorting to harshness, disconnection, punishments and rewards

  • It's for you if you want more fun and joy in your family life

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  • You aren't willing to make changes in your family life

  • You want to use punishments with your child/ren

  • You aren't willing to look at your own beliefs and feelings

  • You enjoy judging other parents (the FB group is all about support, encouragement and compassion)

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This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

Or 4, weekly, payments of AUD$40

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This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

I want to join in!

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